Thank you flea + cents!

Eames Elephant Project 1

Surprise! Surprise! I got a mail from Hong Kong!



Eames Elephant Project 2

It’s from Jane, the owner of flea + cents! She sent me the Playkit booklet which features Eva’s baby elephants and sitting mat exclusively made for the My Eames Elepahant Exhibition at the shop.


是flea + cents的Jane寄來的! 是她們設計的遊戲的小冊子, 內裡有Eva專為flea + cents今夏舉辦的My Eames Elephant作品展而設計的七小象和坐墊.

Playkit booklet designed by flea + cents

This is with Eva’s design. I want to join the elephant party too!


這就是Eva的設計. 我也想參加小象派對啊!

Eames Elephant Project 5

I am being featured too! I’ll be making a guest appearance at the event and to witness who’ll be the lucky one to bring Eva’s work home in Autumn! For further details about the event, click here and here. Sorry the links are in Chinese only, if you can’t read Chinese, all you need to do is to make a trip to flea + cents in Hong Kong!


小冊子上也有我的樣子. 我將會為活動做客串家賓, 見證那位幸運兒可把Eva親手做的七小象和坐墊帶回家. 活動的詳情可按這裡這裡, 或直接去位於灣仔的flea+cents看My Eames Elephant作品展.

Edited: August 14th, 2009