Erio & Eccomin “Do you need knit” Exhibition

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Kyoko went to see Erio & Eccomin “Do you need knit?” exhibition at the  Athle Gallery in Yokohama yesterday afternoon. Erio and Eccomin are two knitwear and accessory brands by two very talented knitwear designers.

昨日の午後、Kyokoは、横浜のAthleギャラリーで行われているErio & Eccominの”Do you need Knit?”展示会を見に行きました。Erio、Eccominは、どちらも才能豊かなニットデザイナーによる服・アクセサリーのブランドです。

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This piece is by Eccomin, she loves working with natural yarns and colours. Look at the texture of this, I love the piled pompoms and crocheted motifs and I wish I could have my entire wall covered by them! Of course I couldn’t afford to have that done so I bought a brooch and a textured Christmas card as a reminder of her work.


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I kept fiddling with the brooch while eating my lunch and I suddenly realised something….


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………that the brooch was inspired by the black sesame bread! (Is that right Eccomin-san? Just a wild guess! :P)


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The back of the brooch and the label is just as cute!


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Eccomin produces a charitable Christmas card every year, 20% of the proceeds would be donated to a designated charity.


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It’s like a mini rag rug.


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Eccomin and I are friends, but it was my first time to meet Erio-san, I was shy to ask if I could take pictures of her work, but she was kind enough to let me take a picture of what she was wearing, she made that herself! She loves using glittering yarns in her work, my photo can’t show you how unique her work is, but some of her knitted pieces are available in the Omotesando branch of H.P.France in Tokyo, that means something! 


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The Athle Gallery


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Erio & Eccomin will be showing their work in Kyoto after the Yokohama exhibition ends this week, so if you are in Kansai region you can see their impressive collections in Kyoto from 31st October to 3rd November.

この横浜の展示会がは今週末までで、その後、Erio & Eccominは京都で展示します。関西の方は、是非この素晴らしい作品を見に行ってください(10月31日~11月3日まで)。

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Maybe ……..I could work as a freelance model? Dream on.


Edited: October 24th, 2009