Thank you for supporting the Coosees!


Coosees Kyoko and mushrooms 7

Kyoko would like to thank veryone who came and supported the Coosees store and the patchwork animal adoption event on Nov 23.  It was a beautiful Autumn day and the Coosees store was held in the grounds of the Kishibojin Shrine.  Above us were layers of buttery coloured fan-shaped leaves of Ginkgo trees  against a backdrop of  blue sky.  The market was filled with craft hunters, the hustle and  bustle was only interrupted when a naughty crow was hopping about the branches of trees above our store causing a sudden attack smelly Gingko nuts! 

コーシーズのお店に来ていただいた方、パッチワークアニマルを引き取っていただいた方、本当に有難うございました。鬼子母神でコーシーズ・ストアを開いた11月23日は、気持ちの良い秋の一日で、上空を見上げると、青空を背景に、扇の形をした銀杏の葉っぱが何層にも重なっていました。手創り市は盛況で、喧騒に満ちていました —いたずら好きなカラスがお店の上から匂いが強い銀杏の実を突然落としたきた時を除いて、、。

2 Coosees Owl 1

Kyoko found some abandoned owls on her way to the Kishibojin Shrine , so she invited them to join the adoption event at the market and managed to re-home all of them!


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 9

Besides hosting the adoption event, Kyoko was also showing off some of her precious thimbles at the store.  Look!  She was feeling so at home that she treated the Coosees store like her own living room!


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 6

Take a look at Eccomin and Omori-san’s displays.  They were really popular amongst the market goers and Omori-san’s paper weights,  pot and pan mittens were such a hit that they were all sold out before the end of the day! 


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 7

Paper weights in the form of a loaf of bread.


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 4

The other popular items were Eccomin’s crocheted cup and pot coasters.


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 3

All the coasters were lined with different patterened fabrics.  Her knitted hair bands also performed well!


2 Coosees at Kishibojin 1

The Coosees are planning to hold their market store twice a year ,  the next one is scheduled to be held in Spring!  Thank you and see you all again next year!


Edited: November 29th, 2009