Kyoko’s First Day at Work: Si-Ho Sup / Kyokoの初出勤:Si-Ho Sup

Christmas at Si Ho Sup 4

Kyoko is pleased to tell everyone that she has found a job at Si-Ho Sup, her favourite shop in Shibuya Jingu Mae!  Her job title is the vice shop manager, from now on Kyoko could touch, feel, and be surrounded by all those pretty clothes and accessories every day!

渋谷・神宮前にあるお気に入りのショップ、Si-Ho Supでの仕事が見つかり、Kyokoは嬉しくて皆に言いふらしています。彼女のポジションは副店長。これからは、可愛い洋服やアクセサリーに囲まれる毎日です。

Christmas at Si Ho Sup 6

17th December  was her first day at work, she arrived at the shop dressed up smart and pretty in a glittering dress.  It was actually her brand new Christmas Party dress tailor-made by E.L.. Her colleague, the shop manager thought Kyoko was over dressed, but had said nothing about it.


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 8

Kyoko was  pretty confidant that she could handle her work duties well, as she used to frequent the shop as a customer and knew the brand image well.  Part of her job responsibilities was to make sure the clothes were neatly displayed.


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 9

Also, she should know every single product well.  Like this hair band, it is exclusively produced for Si-Ho Sup, it is not available anywhere else.  Kyoko wanted one too, but it was too big for her! 

また、彼女はどの商品についても良く知っていなければなりません。例えばこのヘアバンド。これはSi-Ho Supだけに作られたもので、他では売っていません。Kyokoはこれが欲しかったのですが、ちょっと大き過ぎるようです。

Christmas at Si Ho Sup 11

Si-Ho Sup  is currently holding a Christmas fair, it has  many unique hand-crafted gifts and accessories such as this lovely ring (bangle for Kyoko) with pearls and roses by m. soeur.

Si-Ho Supは、現在クリスマスフェアの最中で、ユニークな手作りギフトやアクセサリーが沢山並んでいます。例えば、このm.soeurによるパールとバラが付いている可愛いリング(Kyokoにとってはバングルですが)。

Christmas at Si Ho Sup 12

At noon, the shop manager has gone out for lunch, and Kyoko could not resist the temptation of  trying on all those lovely handcrafted accessories.  Now you know why she turned up at work in her Christmas party dress, she wanted to find something to match her outfit!


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 14

How about the earrings by tamas?


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 13

This earring is inspried by tiny freshwater clams, though Kyoko thought it looked just as good as a hair decoration.  She could not stop admiring herself  in the mirror!


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 7

Oh!  Look at that bag! 


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 16

The bag was the exact item to complete the look!    


Christmas at Si Ho Sup 10

“Kyoko!  The manager will be back soon!  Hurry up and go back to work!”  warned the silver Quelle Peste dog  who came all the way from Paris to join the Christmas Fair!

“Kyoko、店長はもうすぐ帰って来るよ! 急いで仕事に戻らないと!” Quelle Pesteのシルバーの犬が注意しました。この犬は、クリスマスフェアに出るために、パリからはるばるやって来ました。

Edited: December 19th, 2009