The First Sunrise of 2010 (2) / 初日の出 2010(二)

2010 Sunrise 11

Afte the sunrise, Kyoko turned to her left and gasped at another beautiful sight.


1 Miho Sunrise 2010 19

This was what I saw!


2010 Sunrise 9

I was so excited that I started sprinting back and forth on the beach!


2010 Sunrise 12

Luckily my wig fitted well, and it didn’t come off  wen I was running silly!


2010 NY at Izu
I then went to Izu, strolled around the hotspring town and showed off my kimono.


2010 NY at Izu 1

Do you like my kimono?  It was handmade with originally designed fabric by Si-Ho Sup. I bought it with staff discount, that’s one of the advantages of working for my favorite shop!

私の着物、どうですか?これは、Si-Ho Supのオリジナルデザイン生地を使ったハンドメイドです。社員割引で買いました。社員割引は、お気に入りのお店で働く特典です

2010 NY at Izu 4

Another one of my New Year resolution is to spend less at my work place, otherwise I’ll go bankrupt before I receive my first pay cheque!


2010 NY at Izu. 8

Series of earthquakes struck Izu just before the New Year, as a precaution I looked out for the direction to the nearest shelter, at least I knew where to go in case there was an earthquake!


Edited: January 7th, 2010