The First Sunrise of 2010 (2) / 初日の出 2010(二)

2010 Sunrise 11

Afte the sunrise, Kyoko turned to her left and gasped at another beautiful sight.


1 Miho Sunrise 2010 19

This was what I saw!


2010 Sunrise 9

I was so excited that I started sprinting back and forth on the beach!


2010 Sunrise 12

Luckily my wig fitted well, and it didn’t come off  wen I was running silly!


2010 NY at Izu
I then went to Izu, strolled around the hotspring town and showed off my kimono.


2010 NY at Izu 1

Do you like my kimono?  It was handmade with originally designed fabric by Si-Ho Sup. I bought it with staff discount, that’s one of the advantages of working for my favorite shop!

私の着物、どうですか?これは、Si-Ho Supのオリジナルデザイン生地を使ったハンドメイドです。社員割引で買いました。社員割引は、お気に入りのお店で働く特典です

2010 NY at Izu 4

Another one of my New Year resolution is to spend less at my work place, otherwise I’ll go bankrupt before I receive my first pay cheque!


2010 NY at Izu. 8

Series of earthquakes struck Izu just before the New Year, as a precaution I looked out for the direction to the nearest shelter, at least I knew where to go in case there was an earthquake!


Edited: January 7th, 2010

The First Sunrise of 2010 (1) / 初日の出 2010(一)

2010 Sunrise 7

Sunrise, Sunrise, like a diamond in the sky…………

サンライズ サンライズ ライクアダイアモンド インザスカイ、、、ラ・ラ・ラ・ラ・ラ

2010 Sunrise 1

My best friend said time evaporates quickly and that we should enjoy life.  Kyoko could not agree with her more, and my resolutions for 2010 is to work hard, be adventurous, and of course play hard!


2010 Sunrise 3

This year’s location for the first sunrise was Miho Seashore in Shizuoka Prefecture.  It was an excellent choice, a great place to see the sun rose from the sea level, and it was one of the best locations to see Mount Fuji.   I was truly amazed by the nature and did not notice my Christmas present was blown away by the strong wind!  The present was a pair of sun glasses received from my good friend, Yuri.  I brought them with me to see the sunrise, they fitted perfectly and  my eyes were not blinded by the sun like previous years!   I couldn’t believe I lost them!  Sorry Yuri! 🙁


2010 Sunrise 5

Besides that unfortunate incident, the New Year trip to Miho was brilliant!  🙂


2010 Sunrise 6

The sun is blinding me!


2010 Sunrise 8

Happy New Year to all of you!


Edited: January 1st, 2010