Kyoko at Playtime Tokyo 2009

49 Kyoko at Playtime Tokyo 2009

Kyoko used to be a freelance interpretor before working full-time for Si-Ho Sup.   My last freelance job was representing Wafflish Waffle at Playtime Tokyo, a fashion-focus international trade show for children and maternity wear.  

Si-Ho Sup勤務以前、フリーランスで通訳をしていたKyoko。Wafflish Waffleに雇われたPlaytime Tokyoでの仕事がフリーとして最後のものでした。Playtime Tokyoは、子供服・マタニティーウェアを衷心とする国際的なトレードフェアです。

1 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Founded in Paris, Playtime Tokyo’s first edition started in September 2009.  The trade show takes place twice a year, and the second edition was held reecently on 23rd-26th Feburary 2010.  Wafflish Waffle had asked me to help again, though eagered to accept the job invitation, but being a full-time employee for Si-Ho Sup,  I reluntantly referred the tempting offer to my friend Camden, the Smuggler Cat.

パリで設立されたPlaytime。その東京版、Playtime Tokyoは2009年9月に第一回が開催。年2回の開催ペースで、第二回目は2月23日から26日まで行われました。今回もWafflish Waffleから依頼があり、是非引き受けたかったのですが、Si-Ho Supの仕事があるため、止むなく友達のCamden、the Smuggler Cat (カムデン、ザ・スマグラーキャット)にこのお仕事を回しました。

3 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Here are some of the snapshots to remember the three fun days at the first edition of Paytime Tokyo.  Camden will bring you the latest report of  Playtime Tokyo 2010!  Stay tuned!

コチラは第一回Playtime Tokyoの様子を収めた写真。楽しかった思い出です。第2回目については、カムデンが最新レポートを送りますのでもうしばらくお待ちください!

43 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Each balloon represented an exhibitor.  There were over 80 exhibitors from more than ten countries.


5 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Wafflish Waffle’s showcase

Wafflish Waffleのショーケース

22 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Spring and Summer collection featuring colourful patchwork


27 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Baby and toddler wear made with natural materials and sweet motifs


13 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Part of the Wafflish Waffle ‘s display

Wafflish Waffleのディスプレイ

38 Playtime Tokyo 2009

My colleague was busy doing interviews with the press. 


55 Kyoko with Blabla Finger Puppets

 I was busy dealing with international buyers at the trade show!   See how I helped the two foreign buyers at Playtime!


47 Playtime Tokyo 2009

Proundly presenting the Spring and Summer baby shoes.


4 Smuggler at Playtime 1

Camden, The Smuggler Cat. 




For those of you who don’t know Kyoko’s background well, please see her profile here


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