Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.6:Camouflage Kyoko / カモフラージュKYOKO

4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 8

Bees, bees, everywhere!  I have been surrounded by bees at work lately!  This repeated pattern of bees has created a hypnotic effect inside our shop.  I am wearing the Bee Pullover, the only item from the collection which can hide my pregnant belly.  I have been wearing it everyday since I got it!  It is supposed to be my work clothe, but I smuggled it home once and wore it to see the cherry blossoms in early April.


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 3

The bee collection includes the bee pants, bee bag, bee pullover, bee one-piece, they are all made with our original  printed fabric, which is soft and floaty and is good for the most sensitive type of skin. Funny thing happened after I started wearing the Bee Pullover at work.  One day, the shop manager came back from lunch and kept on calling my name, how come she couldn’t see me ?


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 9

From that day I started to play this little game which I named Camouflage Kyoko with the shop manager just before we opened our shop.  Sadly it ended abruptly just after three days!   I tell you how…….


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 4

Day 1: I hid below the pants but i was found quickly!  Not a successful attempt at all!



4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 7

Day 2: The shop manager looked everywhere for me, I held my breath and kept so still that I almost suffocated myself!  It took the shop manager forever to find me.  The mission of Camouflage Kyoko was very successful indeed!


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 6

Day 3: I was running out of places to carried out my little game, and I came up with a brilliant idea when I saw the bee one-piece!  I positioned myself the best I could and waited for the shop manager to come in.


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 5

As I had expected, it took her a long while to find me.  When she did she screamed in horror and shouted out GHOST!!!  Then I was scolded by the stunned shop manager.  That was the very brief history of my little game.  It was really quite amusing, I could not stop giggling whenever I think of what had happened on the thrid day!




4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 11

We have been busy preparing the shop for the change of season.  The new arrivals of our Spring and Summer collection along with various selected brand items have been keeping us busy since March.   Soon we’ll have to say goodbye to the turtle necks and wear light and airy clothes when the weather warms up.  My favourite accessories are scarves and mufflers, but I’ll opt for beaded necklaces when Summer arrives.


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 13

This intricate beaded necklace is all hand stitched by our artisans.  I love it, but my neck is so short that I get paranoid about attracting too much attention to it!


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 10

How about this one?  It hangs on my lower chest, thus makes my neck looks longer than it is.


4 Si-Ho Sup Bee 17

See how women become forgetful when they are pregnant!  I’ve almost forgotten the purpose of writting this blog entry!  All I wanted to tell you is that we have a treasure trove of bags, accessories, shoes and sandals in store now!   Come and shop at Si-Ho Sup between 29th April and 5th May and you’ll get twice as many points!  Our sister shop, Wafflish Wafflish, is also hosting special events during the Golden Week!

妊娠してると女性って忘れっぽくなってしまうみたい。この記事のテーマ、忘れかけてました!伝えたかったのは、、、当店は今、バッグ、アクセサリー、シューズ&サンダルの宝の山になってるということ!4月29日から5月5日までの間、是非Si-Ho Supにお立ち寄りください。期間中なんとポイント2倍!姉妹店、Wafflish WaffleもGW中はスペシャルイベント開催中ですっ!

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Edited: April 29th, 2010