Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.7:My Hidden Potential/隠れた才能が・・!?

5 Kyoko & Si Ho 12

A week ago Si-Ho Sup showcased its Autumn/Winter 2010 collection at Gallery Social, Shibuya.  The two days trade exhibition attracted boutique owners and buyers from near and far.   It was a very busy two days for the Si-Ho Sup team.

先週、渋谷のGallery SocialでSi-Ho Sup秋・冬2010コレクションの展示が行われました。2日間の開催中、ブティックのオーナーやバイヤーが全国から駆けつけました。Si-Ho Supチームにとって大忙しの2日間です。

5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 22

The designers were busy presenting the latest collection to the buyers.  The shop manager and I were busy trying on  various outfits, so the buyers could see and made photo references of how the the clohtes would look off the hangers.


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 13

I was a bit nervous at first…..


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 17

…… but after a while I got so used to modelling as though being a model was a natural talent that I had born with.  


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 10

I knew I had some hidden potential in me, but did not find out what it was until last week!   Yes, I am definitely a super model to be!

隠れた才能があるのは分かってたけど、先週まで気が付かないなんて! そう、私は生まれながらのスーパーモデルなのです!

5 Kyoko & Si Ho 24

Our shop manager can’t be a super model even though she has a beautiful figure, that is because she doesn’t know how to pose  in front of the lens.


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 12

This is how a super model would do, drop the shoulders, feet stand slightly apart, and the most important point is not to stare straight into the camera!  See my eyes, they were looking far ahead!

スーパーモデルは、こうよ。肩を下ろし、両足はちょっと離す。そしてカメラを真っ直ぐには見ない→これが最も大切! ほら、遠くを見つめてる私の目!

5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 19

This is my favorite pose,  just relax on a pile of clothes.  I even used the opportunity to take a quick nap, a woman looks its best when she is not cautious. 


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 1

Don’t get confused.  I was not born as one of the quintets, they are not my siblings, they are actually life size copies of me!  Being so cute and adorable, Si-Ho Sup had decided to make me into a product!   Kyoko dolls in Si-Ho Sup’s clothes is the latest E.L. x Si-Ho Sup collaboration, and the dolls had made their debut in last week’s Si-Ho Sup Autumn and Winter exhibition.

びっくりさせちゃった?彼らは一緒に生まれた姉妹じゃなく、等身大の私のコピー。このほれぼれする可愛さに負け、Si-Ho Supは私を商品化したのです。Si-Ho Supを着たKyokoの編みぐるみはE.L. x Si-Ho Supの最新コラボ。先週の展示会でお披露目でした。

5 Kyoko & Si Ho 25

Negotiations held standing up were all about our latest collection.


5 Kyoko & Si Ho 23

Negotiations held crouching down were about the Kyoko dolls.


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 2

The Kyoko doll crocheted by E.L. comes with a wig, a mask, and underwear.   There are five outfits from the latest Si-Ho Sup Autumn/Winter collection to choose from, or you can collect them all if you wish!  

E.L.手編みのKyokoドールには、カツラ、マスク、下着が付いてきます。衣装は、Si-Ho Sup新作の5種類から選べます。もちろん、全部集めたい方はそれもOK!

5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 6

 The mini versions of the clothes are  extremely well made with elaborate handmade details.  


5 Kyoko in Si Ho Sup's clothes 4

From now on you can take “me” home with you, or you can employ “me” to help at your shop!  Spending time with your idol (me) won’t be a fantasy anymore! 



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Edited: May 22nd, 2010