Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.8:The Perfect Baby Gift/赤ちゃん向けのプレゼント

7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 1

I am going to meet my friend’s new born baby daughter after work today!   My outfit is made with 100% cotton, it is so soft that it will not harm the baby when I give her cuddles and kisses, it is so  natural that it does not cause any allergy.


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 4

Even my mask is made of cotton!


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 3

The colours of my clothes are inspired by Summer, the colours of the sandy beach, the blue sea, the sky, and the sunbeams too.


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 2

It’s going to be my first encounter with the baby, so I am going to buy her a gift!   I must say I am not very good at selecting gifts.  I thought of buying something practical such as some nappies, a potty, or some dummies at first; I changed my mind as I remembered how I felt so disappointed when I was given a pack of cotton wool and a bottle of baby oil for my birthday in my child days!   No!  No practical things for babies!   I’ll buy her a teddy bear or a doll!  Let’s see what we have got in Si-Ho Sup…..

赤ちゃんと会うの初めてだから、プレゼントを買わなくちゃ!プレゼント選びはあまり得意じゃないワタシ。オムツ、おまる、おしゃぶり、、実用的なモノを最初は考えてたけど、考えを変えました。子供のとき、お誕生日にコットンウールやベイビーオイルを貰って、すごくがっかりしたことを思い出したから。赤ちゃんに実用的なものはダメ!テディベアか人形にしよう!Si-Ho Supには何があるかしら・・。

7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 11

A colourful patchwork elephant!  I can imagine the baby swinging on its curled up trunk, this will be fun!


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 12

The other is a rabbit, it is so big that the baby could sit and lean on it, this will give her the comfort she needs when her mother is busy around the house.  The elephant and the rabbit are both good choices except that they are massive, how am I going to to drag them all the way to my friend’s house?


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 15

What’s this?  Oh! a teddy dog by E.L.!!!

これは?? E.L.製のテディドッグ!

7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 13

How cute!  It has green stitches round the body that glows in the dark like a firefly!   Somehow it looks like me!


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 14

This is perfect!  I know the baby will cherish this for a lifetime!  Oh!  I want one too!  I’ll name it Teddy Kyo!


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 7

At long last it reaches the end of my work day!  I bought teddy Kyo and carefully put it into my bag.


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 10

Put on my mask because it is rush hour and there are many people around….


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 9

How do I look?  Can’t you tell that I am a canine?


7 Si-Ho Sup Teddy Kyoko 18

My little friend, here we come!


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Edited: June 18th, 2010