Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.10 : A Peep inside the KYOKO SAN FAIR

The KYOKO SAN Fair had come to the end yesterday.   For my friends and family  living overseas who could not be there with me, this blog entry will allow you to peep inside the event.

昨日、KYOKO SAN FAIRが終了。ここに来られなかった海外在住の友人・家族の皆さん、イベントの様子をこの記事でこっそりお見せします!

E.L. asked me why I was in kimono throughout the KYOKO SAN FAIR?  Well, I observe that many Japanese would wear kimono on important occassions.  the  air is the biggest event since I moved to Japan, wearing a kimono was the only proper thing to do.  The other thing is that if you present yourself properly, you get more respect and people would pay attention to what you have to say.  Thus it would be easier to hard sell the Kyoko goods to the customers. I have commissioned E.L. and Si-Ho Sup to create some Kyoko goods for the event.  They are extremely rare and you won’t find them anywhere else on earth!

「フェアの期間中、なんで着物をずっと着ていたの」ってE.L.に聞かれたわ。それはね、日本では大切な催し事では着物を着ることに気が付いたからよ。このフェア、来日してから私にとって最も大きなイベントだから、着物を着るのが相応しいの。それに、自分自身をきちんと見せれば相手も敬意を抱くし、話す事に耳を傾けてくれるでしょう?そうすればKyokoグッズを売り込むのにも役立つし。このイベントのために、E.L.とSi-Ho SupにKyokoグッズ制作をお願いしたの。すごくレアなアイテムで、このイベント以外では手に入らないものよ!

These are Kyoko badges, they all have eyes on them.   I wear it on my back so that I know when people are talking behind my back!


This is the KYOKO SAN TEE printed with my giant smiling face.  Wear this all the time and sure you will make a good impression on everyone!

スマイル・フェイスをプリントしたKYOKO SAN TEE。これ着てれば、好印象間違いナシ!

These delicious looking Kyoko fairies are not edible, even though they are made with natural lavender buds from France and organic lavender essential oil from England!


It smells good!  I hang them inside my wardrobe to ward off the moths or any unwanted guests!


Front 前面

Back 背面

This is the Kyoko pouch to store your fine lady’s necessities.


Perfect match!


Last but not least are the mini outfits by Si-Ho Sup.

そして今回の目玉、Si-Ho Supによるミニ・ドレス。

They were surely the spotlight of the KYOKO SAN FAIR!


For those of you who came and showed your support in this extreme heat, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  (lick-lick and wag-wag)

暑い中着てくれた皆さん、心から感謝いたします!(lick-lick and wag-wag)


Si-Ho Sup :

Edited: July 22nd, 2010