Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.11:Time to say goodbye / お別れの時

Long time no see!  Have you been wondering where I have been since we had said goodbye to our signature store in Shibuya on August 29?  I was appointed by E.L. and the Si Ho Sup team to escort all the Kyoko dolls and the mini-size Si-Ho Sup clothes to the customers who have been waiting patiently since they have placed their orders.  It was almost a mission impossible as the dolls were going to various locations all over Japan from Kyushu to Hokkaido!

お久しぶりです!8月29日に渋谷のショップを閉めてから何をしてたかって?Kyokoドール&Si-Ho Supミニサイズ服を、注文後辛抱強く待っていただいたお客さんに送り届けるようにE.L.とSi-Ho Supから頼まれたのです。九州から北海道まで全国各地からの注文、どうすれば出来るっていうの!

After weeks of constant crocheting and counting stitches,  E.L. had finally finished making all the Kyoko dolls .  Don’t they look like synchronized  swimmers?  The hardest thing was to say goodbye, tears were rolling in my eyes when I had to bid farewell to each of the dolls.  One by one I hugged and kissed them goodbye!  I also wished them luck in finding a good and loving home, and that all of them will be treasured for years to come!

何週間も編み続け、ステッチを数え続け、ようやくE.L.はKyokoドール作りを終了。なんかシンクロナイズド・スイミングの選手みたいに見えません? お別れを告げるのはすごく辛いこと。一人一人のドールに”さよなら”って言う時は涙が止まりません。それぞれにお別れのハグ&キス。それから、素敵な家が是非見つかりますように、そしてずっと大切にされますように、と祈ります。

Look at the details of the dolls’ clothes!


The artisan who had stitched all the tiny patchwork squirrels onto the skirts deserves a big hug from me!


You would not have known that this is just a tiny t-shirt if I had not told you about it!


I had so much fun with the clothes when no one was watching at the atelier!


E.L. said she used to have a grey coat as part of her school uniform in England, only that it had grey lining and grey buttons made of plastic, and the coat cutting made her looked like a granny!  Well, I am sure this one will make you look young and adorable like me!


I formed a pile with the trousers and it had become a bar table.  Waiter!  Give me a Virgin Pina Colada!  (To my fans, please remember I don’t take alcohol,  nor do I smoke!)


Though the blog’s title is “Time to Say Goodbye”, but I promise you this is not the end of the story, I won’t be disappeared from the scene, but I need to take a break after months of hard work.  I am planning to do some  travelling,  and then I’ll come back refreshed and ready to start my new mission in November.   So  stay tuned and watch this base for my latest news, travel journals, et cetera, et cetera, and et cetera!


Meanwhile, Trefle in Yamaguchi is currently holding a Trippen x Kyoko-san Fair in Yamaguchi prefecture, here is the link:-

ところで、山口のTrefleがTrippen x Kyoko-san Fairを開催しています。リンクはココ。


Here  is a temporary shop list for the Kyoko dolls and mini Si-Ho Sup clothes, a proper list will be read by next week:

以下はKyokoドールとSi-Ho Supミニ服が売っている仮のショップリスト。正式なリストは来週位までに準備予定:

A Naughty Boy (Fukui)

Augusta (Sendai)

Bougez (Suginami)

B・S・T (Tanabe)  073-921-1211 Coton (Toyama)

Drop (Gifu) Hammersmith (Nagano)

Miel (Saitama Sayama)

Motherland (Saporo)

Nill Style Cafe (Nagasaki)

Trefle (Yamaguchi Yanai)

Warble (Osaka)

White Whippet (Yonago)

Edited: October 19th, 2010