Coosees at Kishibojin Craft Market 11.21 /鬼子母神・手創り市  

E.L. and I had a great time at the very crowded Kishibojin Craft Market last Sunday.  E.L. has two very good partners (Eccomin and Morizio), and together they host the Coosees craft stall twice a year in April and November.  The two partners did all the hard work and E.L. had a great time talking to her dear friends who made a special trip to see her there.   I was there to promote myself, and surprised people by removing my wig and putting it back on all day long!   I had my treat though, E.L.’s friend Teacher O had baked us some mouth watering chocolate muffins, they were an instant energy boost for all of us!


Kyoko mini outdoor exhibition. My friend, Smugglar Cat also came to support the Coosees.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see a lady in mask, our first encounter was in July this year when she came to the Kyoko San’s Fair in Si-Ho Sup, I was thrilled to see you at the market!

Kyoko青空ミニ展示会。友達のスマグラーキャットもコーシーズのために来てくれました。そこに、マスクをした女性が登場、7月、Si-Ho Supで行われたKyoko San Fairでお会いした方です。手創り市で再会出来て、本当に嬉しかった!

E.L.’s Lavender owl sachets.  They will bring you lots of good luck!


E.L’s lavender fairy sachets.  They are made with discontinued vintage fabric from Sweden, stuffed with lavender from France and organic lavender oil from England.  Hang one on your hanger and they’ll scent and guard your closet.


Eccomin’s eco cat dish scrubber and cat brooches were exclusively made for the Coosees craft stall.  She also sold many of her brand product samples at bargain prices, and they were quickly snatched up by her fans and other market goers.


Morizio has created a huge fan base and her products were always a hit at our stall.  Early birds get the feed, if you did not come early, these very special Morizio cat goods would be all gone by lunch time!


E.L.’s pick of the day, she wanted it so badly but Eccomin beat her for it!


I am looking forward to hosting another mini Kyoko exhibition in Kishibojin next Spring!   I’ll make sure E.L. works harder and make more new products.  See you all again in April 2011.


Edited: November 23rd, 2010