The Answer is……. さて、答えは・・・

Now!  It is time to reveal the answer of the Let Me Join The Party Christmas Quiz.  The answer is inside the Christmas stocking.  Let me see, the answer is………


There are seven Santa Clauses!


Congratulations for the ones who have sharp eyes!  For the ones who got it wrong, paying a visit to an optician after the festive season is probably the best suggestion I have for you, specially for my friend (Lily) who had counted only three Santa Clauses in your email!   I have taken some close-ups for you to see where are the Santa Clauses.  Let’s play this game again next Christmas!

見事な観察眼で当てた人、おめでとうございます!間違えた人、休み明けに眼鏡作ったら?(笑) 特に友達のリリー、たったの3人?サンタがどこにいるか分かるようにクローズアップの写真を撮りました。来年もまたやりましょうね!

Santa Claus No.1

Santa Claus No.2

Santa Claus No.3

Santa Claus No.4

Santa Claus No.5

Santa Claus No.6

Santa Claus No.7

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Let Me Join the Party! パーティーに交ぜて!

Let me in, let me in!  I want to join the party!


Can someone give me a push?


“What are you doing, Kyoko?  You are going to break my Santa’s Lodge!  Get your head out of the door and put your wig back on!  You look ridiculous!” E.L. said with her eyebrows frowned.

「Kyoko、何してるの?私のサンタ・ロッジ壊す気?ドアから頭をひっこめてウィッグを付け直して!変に見えるわよ!」 眉をひそめてE.L.が言います。

Don’t be cross, it was meant to be a joke!  Here is a question for you!


Question: How many Santa Claus are there in this photo?


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Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love & Best Wishes from

Kyoko & E.L.

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Kyoko & Si Ho Sup Vol.13: Bess (ベス)

This is Bess.  She is the asssitant buyer for my Kyoko San Shop.  Though a fresher  straight out of university , but Bess is a quick learner, confident, reliable and enthusiastic.   She is also friendly, patient, and organized.  Being organized is very important for me, because I am anything but organized.  I always misplace things at work and missing my deadlines, I think it it because of the fact that pregnant women are more forgetful.

こちらがベス。Kyoko San Shopのアシスタント・バイヤー。大卒後間もない新入社員ですが、覚えも早く自信に満ち溢れ、頼れるし、何より仕事熱心。また、フレンドリーで、忍耐強く、まめな性格です。この”まめな性格”は私にとってすごく大切、というのも私が”まめ”のかけらもないから。仕事場でいつも物を置き間違えるし、締切りも忘れがち。妊娠していると忘れっぽくなるからだと思うのだけど・・・

I am able to get on with work smoothly with Bess around, no more time wasting looking for missing files, product samples and so on.  I am grateful that I have Bess as my assistant,  without her I cannot possibly manage the Kyoko San Shop all by myself!

ベスがいると仕事がスムーズに進みます。ファイル、サンプル等を探しまわることもないし。ベスがアシスタントになってくれて本当にウレシイです。彼女なしで一人でKyoko San Shopを切り盛りするのは無理だわ!

Many people have asked me why Bess is pink but not white, beige, or grey like the other rabbits?  Well, Bess grew up in a strawberry farm in England, she has been addicted to strawberries ever since she was old enough to eat them.  Bess would have freshly picked strawberries as her main diet if she could have her own way.  She also has a sweet tooth, that her favorite desserts are strawberry crumble, strawberry shortbread, scones eaten with cottage cream and homemade strawberry jam back home.

他のウサギと違い、ベスはホワイトでもベージュでもグレイでもなくピンク色なのはなぜって? それはね、ベスはイギリスのイチゴ畑で育ち、イチゴに病みつきになったから。もしイチゴだけで生きていけるなら、間違いなく彼女はそうします!甘いものにも夢中で、イギリスではコテージクリームと自家製ストロベリージャムを付けて、ストロベリークランブル、ストロベリービスケット、スコーンを食べるのが大好きでした。

Bess has only just arrived in Japan a while ago, and she is baffled why the strawberries are available in Winter but not in Summer like everywhere else?  She is also fascinated about all sorts of seasonal strawberry products available in Japan , that she is waiting for her first pay cheque, and can’t wait to try them all!


Bess’s Profile

Name : BESS (She is oBsESSed with strawberries thus everyone calls her BESS)

Status: Single, fresh graduate

Occupation : Assistant Buyer

Favorite Food/Drink : Strawberry and anything that has strawberry in it

Favorite Place : Strawberry field

Favorite song : Beatles : Strawberry Fields Forever

Favorite Colour: Pink


Name:ベス →イチゴに病みつき(英語でoBsESSed)なので、BESSと呼ばれている)

Status: 新卒、独身

Occupation: アシスタント・バイヤー

Favorite Food/Drink: イチゴ。イチゴが入っているものなら何でも

Favorite Place: イチゴ畑

Favorite Song: ストロベリーフィールズフォーエヴァー (ビートルズ)

Favorite Colour: ピンク

Edited: December 23rd, 2010

Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.12 : The Charismatic Buyer / カリスマ・バイヤー

Proudly announcing I am no longer the vice shop manager, instead the buyer for Kyoko San Shop which is due to open very soon!  I am not boosting but I have to say that I am  the perfect candidate for the job! I am born with good taste, great artistic nature, independent, reliable, well organized, and most importantly, the Si-Ho Sup team finds me fun to work with! I fit in the minute I stepped inside the atelier!

嬉しい報告です!ショップ副店長からKyoko San Shopのバイヤーになりました。近々オープンです!このポジションに私以上の候補はいません!満ち溢れたセンス、アーティスティック気質、自立心、信頼性、まめな性格・・・全て生まれ持ったワタクシ。それよりも何よりも、Si-Ho Supチームが私と楽しく仕事をしていること。アトリエに入った瞬間からすぐに馴染みました!

Setting up the web shop requires plenty of preparations beforehand. I have been going through many catalogues and product samples,  and making decisions about what I would like to introduce in my Kyoko San shop.  This is the E.L. catalogue featuring some of the Kyoko San goods.

ウェブショップの立ち上げには入念な準備が必要。カタログやサンプルを沢山チェックし、Kyoko San Shopで紹介するものを決めます。目を通しているのはE.Lのカタログ。Kyokoグッズも入っています。

Bess, please bring me the latest sample of the  Kyoko Lavender sachet, I want to see the chocolate and mango one.


Yes, this is the one.  It smells good!  I’ll order one for myself.  How about you, Bess?  I could give you staff discount.


Bess, where is the grey top with bear motifs?


Bess, could you help arranging the clothes, I need to take some pictures for the web shop.


My shop will of course include the mini-sized clothes by Si-Ho Sup and the Kyoko dolls by E.L.

ショップでは、もちろんSi-Ho Supのミニサイズ服やE.L.のKyokoドールも販売します。

These lavender scented owls may do well too.  Bess, please put this catalogue aside, I may include these E.L.’s lavender scented owls in my shop next season.


The charismatic buyer is enjoying every moment of her work.


Hold on, who is the girl at the other end of the table?  Her name is Bess, she is my assistant buyer.  I’ll tell you more about her in my next blog.  Meanwhile, you can follow her every tweet on Twitter!


Edited: December 3rd, 2010