The Answer is……. さて、答えは・・・

Now!  It is time to reveal the answer of the Let Me Join The Party Christmas Quiz.  The answer is inside the Christmas stocking.  Let me see, the answer is………


There are seven Santa Clauses!


Congratulations for the ones who have sharp eyes!  For the ones who got it wrong, paying a visit to an optician after the festive season is probably the best suggestion I have for you, specially for my friend (Lily) who had counted only three Santa Clauses in your email!   I have taken some close-ups for you to see where are the Santa Clauses.  Let’s play this game again next Christmas!

見事な観察眼で当てた人、おめでとうございます!間違えた人、休み明けに眼鏡作ったら?(笑) 特に友達のリリー、たったの3人?サンタがどこにいるか分かるようにクローズアップの写真を撮りました。来年もまたやりましょうね!

Santa Claus No.1

Santa Claus No.2

Santa Claus No.3

Santa Claus No.4

Santa Claus No.5

Santa Claus No.6

Santa Claus No.7

Edited: December 31st, 2010