Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.19: I Am a Pet Sitter! / ワタシはペットシッター!

Where is evryone going during the golden week?  I am not going anywhere becasue I have promised to look after the plants and the pets for my friends at Wafflish Waffle.

ゴールデンウィーク、皆はどこに行くの?ワタシはどこにも行きません。というのもWafflish Waffleの友人達から植物とペットの面倒を見ることを頼まれたから。

Bess has gone back to England for an extended Easter holiday for she wanted to be home to witness the Royal wedding.  She has asked me to look after her Sausage Dog.


I must say designers have rare tastes when it comes to pets.  I was expecting to have to look after a parrot, a cat, a dog, or a hamster, but never an ostrich!


Or this cutie pie!


A pet sitter does not just sit there to cuddle the animals all day long.  I need to feed, wash, clean, and take them for walks.  Making sure that they are all happy and healthy while their owners are away.  I think I am doing a great job, as I am observant, sensitive, and passionate with animals.  Here I am preparing some food for the rarest pet on earth.


This rare animal would only eat tiny fish bones.


The fish bones are for this Komodo Dragon, and this pet belongs to Taguchi-san, the founder of Wafflish Waffle!

魚の骨を食べるのは、この”KOMODO DRAGON”。Wafflish Waffleの創設者、田口さんのペットです。

Don’t worry!  Your pets are in good hands.  Have a great golden week!


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Edited: April 30th, 2011