Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.21: The Accessories Bazaar (1) アクセサリーバザー1

On May 10, Si-Ho Sup showcased the 2011 Autumn and Winter Collection at  Social Gallery in Shibuya.  Everyone was busy, so I tried to make myself useful, and helped with presenting some of the bags and accessories to the buyers.  Here I gathered for you an up–close look at some of the brand’s sought after items for the next season!

5月11日、渋谷の Social GalleryでSi-Ho Supの2011秋・冬コレクションが行われました。皆忙しそうで、ワタシも役に立ちたいと思い、バッグやアクセサリーをバイヤーに見せたり。それでは、これからのシーズンに引っ張りだこ間違いなしの商品、いくつかご紹介します!

The very gorgeous patchwork Edda Bag!


The practical hold-all Poline Bag.  I love the combination of beige and bright pink!


Charade Choker, though called a choker, this is not a close-fitting necklace around the neck.  It is much longer and rest on the chest.


The beaded worm brooch!  This is not for sale, but you can have it for free if you purchase the Sabrina Stole!


The leather crocodile motif goes all the way round to the back of the Wani Bag! I am so afraid of crocodile!  I shivered just by looking at it!


Hang on!  I need to take a break and recover from the shock of seeing the crocodile!   Meanwhile please follow the link to Si-Ho Sup’s website, where you could see more of the current and the latest collections!

ワタシはワニのショックから回復するまでひと休み。皆さんはSi-Ho Supのウェブで、最新コレクションを是非チェックしてください!


Si-Ho Sup:




Edited: May 31st, 2011