Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.23: The Accessories Bazaar (3) / アクセサリーバザー3

Last but not least, I would like to introduce the Fernanda Bag to you!  The bag is made of soft pig leather, and cow leather was used for the handles for extra details and durability.  I love this kind of simple and practical bags!   You could throw everything inside, grab the bag and rush out of the door!


The Fernanda bag comes in two colours, black and camel, each bag is lined with Si-Ho Sup’s original designed fabrics!

このフェルナンダバッグはブラックとキャメルの2色、裏地はSi-Ho Supオリジナル生地。

Every season Si-Ho Sup would introduce original fabric designs and create some of the key fashion items with them, something that I always look forward to!   The latest is this vibrant and stylish butterfly print on cotton and rayon, which is used to make the Guilia Reversible Wrap Skirt, the Guilia Combinaison and the lining of the black Fernanda bag.

Si-Ho Supはオリジナル生地を使ったキーアイテムをシーズン毎に紹介、ワタシはいつもそれを心待ちにしています!今回はコットン&レーヨンにプリントされたカラフルでスタイリッシュなバタフライ柄。ギリアリバーシブルスカートやギリアコンビネゾン、フェルナンダバッグ(ブラック)はこの生地を使用。

As well as the fringy Guilia Stole!


This is the other original fabric design, the lining for the camel coloured bag.    The design is a Rococ pattern with pale green flowers printed on a light beige rayon fabric.


The light and elegant printed fabric is also used for the Jess Tunic and the Jess Dress.


I have finally wrapped up the accessories bazaar.  The only thing left in my mind now is that the patterns of the new fabrics are a little big for my size, I may not be able to have my new clothes made with them!


Si-Ho Sup:




Edited: June 30th, 2011