Kyoko x Si-Ho Sup Vol 29: Women love Gossips / 女性はゴシップ好き

“What!?  Did she really said that?  I can’t believe it!”


Women love to gossip.


When a group of women get together and indulge in rumours about anyone else but themselves…..


They would even forget the presence of their children.


They don’t care if the kids were playing and rolling on the dirty floor…


Any screaming and fighting woud be ignored.


They would not have noticed if the child has eaten some rotten food from the ground, and died of  food poisoning!



E.L. has been selling her creations through Si-Ho Sup since 2009.

2009年よりE.L.は自身の作品をSi-Ho Supで販売しています。

Edited: October 29th, 2011

Event Information: Lululu

Coming soon!


It is coming soon!


Repeat after me!  “Lululu” is coming soon!


“Lululu” is a craft selling event founded by E.L. & Eccomin .  The idea is to allow a group of professionally trained crafty friends to show and sell their works in a cosy and friendly enviorment.  Our first “Lululu” will be taking place in between November 4 and 6 in Eckepunkt, Jiyugaoka in  Tokyo.  Works that will be on show include textile crafts such as knitting, crocheting, and embroidery.  As well as  handmade soaps, rubber stamps, accessories, leather crafts, wood block prints, and sweet treats too!  There will also be a mini Kyoko exhibition, five of the Kyoko dolls by E.L. in different outfits will be on show.  In addition, E.L. & Eccomin will be doing crochet and machine knitting workshops throughout the three day event .

“Lululu” はE.L.とEccomin共同主催のクラフト展示会。コンセプトは、クラフト仲間が集まって、くつろげる場所で各々の作品を展示・販売するというもの。第1回”Lululu”は11月4日〜6日、自由が丘のEckepunktにて。展示作品は、編み物・刺繍といったテキスタイルから、ハンドメイドソープ、ゴム印、アクセサリー、革作品、木版画、、、それにおやつも! E.L.によるKyokoミニ展示会では、異なるドレスを着た5体のKyokoが姿を見せます。さらに、会期中はE.L.とEccominによる編み物・機械編みのワークショップも行う予定!

Please save the date and watch out for more information about “Lululu” in our official blog: Pepper e Mint presents “Lululu”!  <<—-Click


Edited: October 7th, 2011