Marone x Kyoko : Ballet Dress / バレエ衣装


 These were delivered to Marone in Chiba last month.   Besides the two regular outfits, Laundry & Shopping for Teddy Kyo.  I’ve made a brand new ballet outfit this time.  It’s Kyoko’s dream to dress up in a ballet outfit since she was a little puppy girl.  Before I show you more photos of Kyoko in her ballet dress, you can take a look at Marone’s (click! )blog!


Marone x Kyoko’s Ballet Dresses by E.L.


Edited: April 28th, 2012

Kyoko x Si-Ho Sup Vol. 34: Kyoko’s Ballet Flats (1) / Kyokoのバレエシューズ (1)

 Women have this obsession with shoes, and it’s so true!   I found my perfect pair of ballet flats available in various colours.

女性は靴が大っ好き! ワタシ、バレエシューズを各色揃えてみました。

From left to right: red, purple, yellow, black, mauve, and brown


From left to right: orange, baby pink, nude, lime green, primrose yellow, and  lilac


I could not decide which colour I like best, so I bought them all!




Edited: April 17th, 2012

Spring Stroll Under Cherry Blossoms / 桜満開、春の散策

My friend trusted me to look after her boy and girl twins for an afternoon.


It was a lovely spring day, the cherry blossoms were at their peak.


I decied to take the twins out for a stroll.


Spring, the best time of the year, when everything comes alive.


 Though I have sore arms from holding two giggling babies at the same time!  It was the perfect day for a stroll.


Look at this!  How I wish the cherry blossoms were always in full bloom!





Edited: April 11th, 2012