Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 102

10th May 2012

Don’t I look charming in my Marone x Kyoko ballet dress?  I don’t dress up without a reason, it was E.L.’s birthday, we also received some good news that the Marone x Kyoko dolls and the outfits have all gone to good homes!  I hope all will be treasured for years to come!  The double celebration took place at the Ekki Bar & Grill inside the Four Seasons Hotel (Marunouchi), Tokyo.  We treated ourselves the Premium ekki Afternoon Tea Set and spent a pleasant afternoon sampling savoury and sweet treats!

Marone x Kyoko バレエドレスに身を包んだワタシ、チャーミングでしょ?着飾ったのにはもちろん理由が。それは、E.L.の誕生日!さらに、Marone x Kyokoドールとアウトフィットが完売という良い知らせも!Kyokoドール、可愛がってくださいね!

この2つのお祝いで訪れたのが、丸の内フォーシーズンズホテル内のekki Bar & Grill。プレミアムアフタヌーンティーセットの美味しい食事とスイーツを楽しみました!

Ekki Bar & Grill serves afternoon tea on weekdays from 2pm to 5pm (2.30pm to 5pm weekends).  Unlike the traditional high tea usually being served on three-tiered stand, here the food were brought out and displayed on various plates. The waiter brought us glasses of strawberry iced tea while we were waiting.

ekki Bar & Grillでは、平日2時から5時まで(週末は2時半から5時まで)アフタヌーンティーを提供。こちらでは、一般的な3段重ねの食器を使わず、料理は様々なお皿に盛り付けられています。ストロベリーアイスティーを飲みながら食事を待ちます。

The set started with a glass of fresh mango smoothie.  We were happy it was icy cold but not diluted by melting ice.


 Truffle popcorn to snack on.  You are allowed to sample as many teas as you wish.  We had Earl Grey to go with the savoury treats.


 Since we hadn’t had lunch, we so apprecited the warm mini Wagyu burger with foie gras arrived first instead of the sandwish which you would normally have with afternoon/high tea.  Also on the same plate were the mini snow crab and asparagus quiche, and the tiny bruschetta with artichoke and semi-dried tomato.

ランチを食べていないお腹に、フォアグラを挟んだミニ和牛バーガーは最適 –こちらのお店ではサンドウィッチではなくハンバーガーなんです。同じお皿に盛り付けられているのはズワイ蟹とアスパラガスのキッシュ、それからアーティチョークとセミドライトマトのブルスケッタ。

 The other savory treats were grilled vegetables sandwich and foie gras cream puff.   If you are like E.L. and not fond of foie gras the chef could substitute it with something else.  E.L. was happy with the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


We were taking our time and after a short break we were ready for the sweet treats!  It was also time to order some freshly brewed Roibosh, caffaine free tea from South Africa rich in minerals.


 Matcha pana cotta was light and fluffy, the cinnamon churros with Yuzu Dip were delicious but quite sweet, so went well with the Roibosh Tea.


I love bite size treats!  they were sakura mont blanc, plum cake, and Japanese citrus mousse tart.


I was so excited that I could not help but did a little dance on my tiptoes!


 Time for some organic herbal tea.  We had Hibicus Blend which consisted of Hibiscus, Fennel, Rosehip and Lemongrass.  A lovely pink and refreshing tea to have after the scones!  No afternoon/high tea is complete without homemade scones, and these were vanilla and apricot scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam!


ekki Bar & Grill


Edited: May 23rd, 2012