Okinawa Morning Glory / 沖縄アサガオ

This is my new best friend, the Okinawa morning glory.


As the name indicates they only bloom in the morning and start to wilt by early afternoon.


This perennial climber has heart-shaped leaves and dreamy blue flowers, and would bloom throughout summer.


Doesn’t it look like the sun shining in the blue sky?


 Okinawa morning glory is a popular summer plant to grow in front of windows in Japan.  For it climbs and spread to form a “green curtain”, providing shade from the scorching sun, and decrease room temperature from sunlight.


My snail loves it too!  I have to keep a constant watch on it, or it will eat the plant up!


Edited: July 29th, 2012

Baby Kyoko @ Bougeoir

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? “

The Kyoko babies received an invitation to a party at Bougeoir, a lovely shop in Gunma.  On the day of the party the babies were acting vain and would not move away from the mirror.  They all wanted to look their best and be the one to attract all the attention at the party.  E.L. who has been searching for her little mirror all morning found the babies fighting in front of it.  She told them that they all looked special in their own way, and  quickly ushered them all out of the house!



Baby Kyoko straps are now available in Bougeoir!

Baby Kyokoストラップ、ブジョアで販売中!

Edited: July 20th, 2012

Marone x Kyoko : Kyoko Strolling with her Pet Snail / カタツムリとお散歩


Kyoko likes all the yucky and slimy creatures, and she is especially fond of snails.

E.L. dislikes all things yucky and slimy, she  has been warning Kyoko not to bring the stray snails home with her.

Unfortunately for E.L., Kyoko ignores her pleas, and is rather proud of her pet snails.

Look what she has found during this year’s rainy season?





Don’t be surprised to see Kyoko strolling with her pet snail.  It’s a common scene in her neighbourhood!





Edited: July 7th, 2012

Kyoko x Si-Ho Sup Vol.35 : Fabric Testing – 生地チェック

 Here are some tips on how to choose good quality fabric to make clothes with.   Good quality fabrics would last and look fresh for a long time.  It drapes well on body and gentle to your skin.  Let me demonstrate how to determine the quality of fabric is good.


Touch and feel


Rub, rub, rub.


See if it would drape well and don’t wrinkle.


Scan the prints for faults.


 Ensure the fabric won’t stretch out of shape.


At Si-Ho Sup, only natural fabrics that are cool, soft, stylish, and comfortable are selected to made clothes with.  

Click here for everything about Si-Ho Sup!

Si-Ho Supでは、クールでスタイリッシュ、そして心地良い天然の生地を使っています。

Si-Ho Supについては、こちらをご覧ください。



Edited: July 1st, 2012