Save Animals trapped in the Fukushima Exclusive Zone! 警戒区域の動物を見捨てない!

E.L. and I were at the Jingu Dori Park to join the “Save animals trapped in the Fukushima Exclusive Zone” demonstration on May 8. We arrived early so I took some snapshots while E.L. was helping her friend to distributing some flyers about JEARS.


There were many English and Japanese signs and banners.   This one was about building more shelters instead of killing the cats and dogs.


One of the guest speakers, Yamaji Toru san was there to give a speech before the rally started.  He is a famous journalist in Japan, his involvement would help to spread the message across.


A moment of silence and prayers led by the Buddhist priest for all those animals perished in Fukushima after the March 11 quake and tsunami, and many more were just left behind followed by the mass evacuations, that the animals were either died of starvation, dehydration, or general neglect.   It was just too sad and many people were in tears during the prayers.


We were getting ready for the start of the demonstration around 3pm.

The aim for this peaceful demonstration was to seek prompt access from the Japanese government to enter the 20km exclusion zone before more animals die!


It was our first time to participate in a demonstration and we were right at the front!  E.L.’s Japanese was so poor that she could not catch up with some of the Japanese slogans led by the organizer holding a loud speaker just in front of us.  One of the slogans was “Hate to see them die, we are running out of time!”


Over 600 people took part in the rally, a great turn-out for something that has been called just over a week ago.


Animal organizations such as ARK and JEARS had representatives there to support the demonstration, this was E.L.’s friend from JEARS, she was very busy doing interviews throughout the day.  Here in the photo, she was being interviewed by World Animal Awareness Society from the United States.

ARK、JEARSなど動物愛護団体の方もデモに参加しています。コチラはJEARSのメンバーであるE.L.の友人。一日中インタビューで大忙しです。写真は、アメリカのWorld Animal Awareness Societyからインタビューを受けている様子。

The photo was taken at the end of the protest just before we were dismissed.  Thanks to the organizers, they gave us a chance to voice out our concerns.  I hope the government would listen to our demands.  There are many ways to help the animals affected by the crisis even if you are not in Japan, to find out more please click on the links below:


The organiser of the  demonstration:





Edited: May 12th, 2011

Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 51

26th March 2011

Today’s treat is chestnut mousse cake at my firend’s house.


I was at my friend’s house to talk about what we could do to help animals being affected by the earthquake.   Two of my friends have gone to Tohoku, they have teamed up with other animal charities to rescue and support animals that are being affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


The Coosees members have donated 13,406yen, 20% of the money raised from the November Kishibojin craft fair to ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) after appeal by Elizabeth Oliver, the founder of ARK.  If you are living outside Japan, sending money would be the best way to help.  If you are living in Japan, you could also help with sendng pet supplies, be a foster family;  or if you are bilingual, you could help with translations.  For further details on how you could help, please click on the links below.  They are the two wonderful animal organizations that E.L. and I are supporting.


Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK):

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS):

Two of the Coosees members, Eccomin & Morizio, along with other crafters will be selling their works at at a charity craft fair “Pray for Japan” at TB Studio in Tokyo tomorrow.  Details in Japanese only:-

明日コーシーズの2人、EccominとMorizioさんは他の手作りの方と一緒にPray for Japanというチャリティフェアに参加します。場所は東京のTB Studio。

日時:2011年3月27日(日) 11:00〜
場所:TB Studio(文学座の俳優、得丸伸二さんの練習スタジオ)

Edited: March 26th, 2011

Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 43

4th March 2011

I did not have time to enjoy a relax cup of afternoon tea at home today.  I had to help E.L. to finish making some Kyoko-san lavender sachets for the lovely shop “nu” in Gunma again!


After I passed the sachets to Bess, we rushed to Tokyo for the fund-raising party for Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) at the Pink Cow Cafe.

サシェをベスに渡した後、急いでアニマルレフュジ関西(ARK)の資金集めパーティーが行われるPink Cow Cafeへ。

ARK is a wonderful charity helping and advocating for cats and dogs in Japan, and they are now planning to build an animal sanctuary in Sasayama, Kansai.


The fund-rainsing party was organised by a group of devoted Tokyo ARK volunteers, we just had to be there to support them!  Unfortunately, E.L. and I were in such a hurry that we have forgotten our cameras, and did not capture any of the wonderful faces, great moments, and the fabulous vegetarian buffet at the party!


E.L. and I are both supporting ARK, because we can’t find any reasons why we should ignore such a great cause!


ARK Kansai/ARK関西:


Edited: March 4th, 2011