Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup: Vol.18 Si-Ho Sup’s Animal Rescue Team (SART) アニマルレスキューチーム

SART (Si-Ho Sup’s Animal Rescue Team) was formed after a Llyodia rabbit was found missing on 29 March.  The team consists of two members, Bess and the leader Kyoko (c’est moi).  Our first mission was of course to locate the missing rabbit.

ロイディア・ラビットが行方不明になった3月29日、SART(Si-Ho Supアニマルレスキューチーム)が結成、メンバーはベスとKyoko(=ワタシ)の2人。最初のミッションは、もちろんラビットの捜索です。

Not found!


Not found!


Bess looked inside all the bags, hats and pockets but still found no sign of the missing rabbit.


To make sure we were working effectively, we studied the photo of the missing rabbit closely.  “The Lloydia rabbits are sometimes mistaken as a squirrel because of its distinctive bright blue hair on its back!  They all wear a red coat, and have blue eyelashes.  “I pointed out.

効率良く探すため、ラビットの写真を詳細にチェック。「背中にある青い毛が特徴のロイディア・ラビットはリスに間違われることがあるの。赤いコートを着て、まつげは青いのよ」 ワタシの鋭い指摘。

“We must try to find it and bring it back to its home before it gets hurt or starved!.”I commanded.

「ケガしたり飢餓状態になる前に見つけ出して家に帰すのよ!」 と指示。

We combed the atelier inch by inch, and finally we started searching the yellow shelve.  I climbed and Bess leaped!


We looked and looked…..


“Mission fullfilled, missing rabbit found, over!”Bess screamed out loud!


“Roger!” I responded and quickly ran round to her side, where I saw the poor little rabbit!  We were overjoyed and cuddled each!  After feeding her a some water and carrots.  I took her back to her home.

「了解!」 返事をしてすぐに彼女の元に行き、可哀相なベイビーラビットを確保!大喜びで抱き合うワタシ達。水とニンジンを与えてから、家まで送りました。

The Si-Ho Sup’s Lloydia One Piece.

Si-Ho Supのロイディアワンピース。

You are safe now!  Have a good rest, bunny!  Good luck!


Si HoSup:





Edited: March 31st, 2011