Okinawa Morning Glory / 沖縄アサガオ

This is my new best friend, the Okinawa morning glory.


As the name indicates they only bloom in the morning and start to wilt by early afternoon.


This perennial climber has heart-shaped leaves and dreamy blue flowers, and would bloom throughout summer.


Doesn’t it look like the sun shining in the blue sky?


 Okinawa morning glory is a popular summer plant to grow in front of windows in Japan.  For it climbs and spread to form a “green curtain”, providing shade from the scorching sun, and decrease room temperature from sunlight.


My snail loves it too!  I have to keep a constant watch on it, or it will eat the plant up!


Edited: July 29th, 2012

Japanese Snowball Bush / おおてまり

My Golden Week officially ended today!  I spent the entire holiday spring cleaning and gardening.  I always get very excited around this time of the year, the weather warms up and my garden comes alive!  Most of the flowering plants in my little garden are hues of white, blue, and purple.  I am not sure if I should put “Flower Spectrum” as my catagory title.  But I’ll leave it as that for the time being.


This is my Japanese Snowball Bush, I am so happy to see this flowering, because I had such a hard time keeping the worms from eating it’s young leaves and buds from early spring.  I needed to pick worms with tweezers everyday and twice a day for hours since Easter!


Can you spot the “enemy”?


After I got rid of the worm enemies.  The flower buds were able to develop.


No more worms attacks by this stage.  Though the holes on the leaves were reminders of my early battles.


The colour of the flowers changed from green to white as they grew bigger.


 At their peak!






Edited: May 14th, 2012

Spring Stroll Under Cherry Blossoms / 桜満開、春の散策

My friend trusted me to look after her boy and girl twins for an afternoon.


It was a lovely spring day, the cherry blossoms were at their peak.


I decied to take the twins out for a stroll.


Spring, the best time of the year, when everything comes alive.


 Though I have sore arms from holding two giggling babies at the same time!  It was the perfect day for a stroll.


Look at this!  How I wish the cherry blossoms were always in full bloom!





Edited: April 11th, 2012

Tweedia (Blue Stars) / トゥイーディア (ブルースター)

Another of my favourite blue flower is Tweedia, the blue little stars in my garden!


The tweedia is a very important member in my flower bed.  The sky blue star-like flowers with velvety green leaves which  bloom from  June to autumn.


Tweedia is  a vine, and it can grow to a metre high, so some sort of support is necessary.


It has become my daily routine to check on the flowers every morning to get rid of aphids and unwanted pests.  Though butterflies are very welcome in my garden!


After observing this little grey Lycaenidae resting on the Tweedia, maybe some day I’ll make a brooch inspired by this pretty sight!




Edited: September 14th, 2011

Blue Gladiolus / 青いグラジオラス

Gladiolus also known as Sword Lily are available in various colours such as red, orange, yellow, and so on.  It has never been my favourite flower until I found the blue gladiolus bulbs in a garden shop.


They were not true blue as stated on the packet, they were actually light purple.


I planted the flower bulbs in spring, and they started to bloom in the peak of the summer.


Leaves shaped like swords emerged from the soil early in the summer before the flower spikes appeard later in the season.  The flowers bloomed from the bottom to the top.


Here I captured raindrops on my flower!


 I had fresh cut gladiolus and rosemary in a vase to brighten and scent my room!


Edited: September 9th, 2011