Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.27: Wafflish Waffle’s Winter & Gift Collection – my pick!

 3Cs at Work, the 3Cs stands for Comfy, Classic, Creative, the theme title for the Wafflish Waffle 2011 Winter and Gift Catalogue.  I am not bias but I would say comfy and creative is what this clothing brand is about!   My picks are the stoles as they are my favourite accessories!  The Tricolour Stoles are made of cotton knit fabrics.  It is hard to describe texture from my photos, because you could not reach out and feel them!

仕事場の3C = Comfy (カムフィ=快適), Classic (クラシック), Creative (クリエイティヴ)、これがWafflish Waffle 2011 Winter&Giftのテーマ。カムフィとクリエイティヴは、このブランドを象徴しているフレーズです。ストール好きのワタシ、まずはストールをチェック。コットンニットファブリックを使ったこのトリカラーストール、写真では素晴らしい手触り感を伝えられません!

 Wafflish Waffle loves adding little surprises to embellish their designs that delight the wearers.

小さなサプライズを加えるのが得意なWafflish Waffle。可愛くデコレーションされたデザインは身に着ける人を楽しい気分にします。

Original hand-beaded motifs are one of those surprises you’ll find in this collection.


I adore beads and laces!  They make me feel elegant and feminine.


I know what you are going to say!   I look like a boxing champion, right?


The Lavtea Stole is made of soft and natural materials, decorated with tiny wool ball edgings and pieces of lace.  My piggy bank will be emty again!


This is the matching Serruria Bag.


Wouldn’t it be nice if I have a garden full of flowers like this?   The Socialis stole is made with original fabric that you won’t find anywhere else!  The Wafflish waffle Winter & Gift Catalogue is full of surprises, the shop’s website has just been renewed you can see the latest collection there, or better still ask for a copy when you visit their shop in Omotesando!  The kids floor has just been renovated, remember to go and check it out!


 Si-Ho Sup’s sister brand – Wafflish Waffle





Edited: August 31st, 2011