Kyodo: Cafe Cura 経堂:カフェクーラ

Cafe Cura

Kyoko is in love with Kyodo, precisly speaking I am in love with the Lily of the Valley Shopping Street on the North side of the Kyodo Station.  There are a few unique shops and cafes around the area and one of them is Cafe Cura, my latest favourite. I like it because……

キョーコは経堂が大好き。特に北口のすずらん通りが大のお気に入り。通りにはユニークなお店とカフェが何軒かあり、その中のCafe Curaが最近特に気に入っています。というのも、、

Cafe Cura Quiche Set

The cafe serves delicious bread, quiches, and tarts all baked by Onishi Asako, the owner of the cafe. 


Raspberry and Pistachio Tart

Raspberry & pistachio tart if you like the combination of sour and sweet.


Apricot and Caramel Tart
Apricot & caramel tart goes very well with a cup of unsweetened Aout de Provence. The tea brand is Enchan-the.


Who's over there?

Who’s over there? Isn’t he the famous Stripy Cat!?

これは誰? このシマシマネコは、有名人(有名ネコ)?

Miyako Kanamori's Cura Neko!

I can’t believe my luck!  The Stripy Cat agreeds to have a photo taken with me!


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