Kyoko & Si-Ho Sup Vol.14: Praying for good fortune / 幸運を願って

Bess and I have been devoting ourselves in preparing for the Kyoko-san Shop, everything is on track, the online shop will open on Friday 14th January 2011!  All we need now is good luck!

Kyoko Sanオンラインショップ開店に向けて頑張ってきた私とベス。1月14日オープンに向けて準備万端。あと必要なのは運だけ!

We braved the cold and went temple and shrine-hopping after chasing the first sunrise praying  for good fortune.


Our first stop was the ancient Fuji Sengen Shrine located at the bottom of Mt.Fuji, where climbers have been praying for safe returns before climbing the sacred mountain for hundreds of years.  There we prayed for strong will, strength, and good fortune.


Next we went to Camden’s favorite temple, Gotokuji in Tokyo.  The place where the maneki neko (beckoning cat) originated.


We prayed for a prosperous year.


Bess was impressed by the temple dedicated to the maneki nekos. She asked if there is a shrine for strawberry ?


We had great fun posing in front of the beautiful display of the  maneki nekos left there by other shirne visitors.


I tried to imitate the maneki nekos, but I have a stiff shoulder and I could not lift my arm!  Ouch!


Shouin Shrine was our last goal, a popular shrine among students who wish to do well in study.  Wisdom and logical thinking ability were what we had prayed for.   2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, Bess can bring good luck to everyone.


I’d keep you posted about the Kyoko-san Shop, also check out the Si-Ho Sup website for regular updates!

Kyoko-san Shopのこと、またご連絡しますね。Si-Ho Supのウェブサイトも要チェック!

Si-Ho Sup:


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