Kyoko x Si-Ho Sup Vol.35 : Fabric Testing – 生地チェック

 Here are some tips on how to choose good quality fabric to make clothes with.   Good quality fabrics would last and look fresh for a long time.  It drapes well on body and gentle to your skin.  Let me demonstrate how to determine the quality of fabric is good.


Touch and feel


Rub, rub, rub.


See if it would drape well and don’t wrinkle.


Scan the prints for faults.


 Ensure the fabric won’t stretch out of shape.


At Si-Ho Sup, only natural fabrics that are cool, soft, stylish, and comfortable are selected to made clothes with.  

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Si-Ho Supでは、クールでスタイリッシュ、そして心地良い天然の生地を使っています。

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