Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 93 – Hello from Kyushu (3)

7th July 2011

Cafe Mingei Tayutofu, Yufuin.


It was such a hot day and I was desperate for a drink.  The cafe that I wanted to go was closed for the day.  It was far from the central area, and there was no way to call for a taxi; just when I was not sure what to do, I found this cafe and it turned out to be a real treat for the day!


The cafe offered two sweets on the menu, the egg pudding steamed with steam from hot spring, and the red bean chiffon cake served with cream and home grown raspberry.   I ordered the chiffon cake, and a pot of organic black tea named “Hime Fuki”,  which was highly recommanded by the cafe owner.


I settled down in front of the window looking out to the garden, it was so calm and quiet that I could hear the birds sing as though it was still early in the morning.  The small place was filled with traditional crafts and toys.


As well as many ceramics pieces that were all for sale but also as decorations inside the cafe.


What was I looking at?


It was a kaileidoscope!


I am not exaggerating, but the taste of the tea and the chiffon cake was unforgetable!  Especially the tea, it was so rich, delicate,  and naturally sweet!  It tasted exquisite with or without milk!


The cafe owner was very kind and friendly.  Here I must thank them for giving me a lift to the town centre.  What a pleasant encounter!


Cafe Mingei Tayutou



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