Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 87

9th June 2011

I went to visit my friend and we had lunch at her local cafe, Like Like Kitchen.  A Northern European style cafe with charming interior, good food, and gracious service.  There, we enjoyed delicious late lunch followed by a long chat over tea, coffee and mouth watering sweets!

友達と一緒に、彼女の家の近くにあるLike Like Kitchenでランチ。この北欧スタイルのカフェ、インテリアが可愛く、食事も美味しいし、サービスもGOOD。遅めのランチの後、長話をしながらコーヒーと美味しいスイーツに。

I love this photo of me!  I was captured looking at my own refection in the caramel egg pudding!   This was actually my friend’s dessert, she loved it!  Look at this!   A smooth slice of pudding complemented with a thin layer of dark caramel,  and drowned in caramel sauce!


Mine was a slice of  rich chocolate cake topped with cream!  It was the best piece of chocolate cake I have ever had, and it put a smile to my face after just one bite!


Tea and coffee were being served in these lovely cups and saucers.


Assorted plates for food and desserts.


I just love the blue and white interior!


The cafe opens from 2pm, and food is being served at a slow pace.  Not a place for you if you are very hungry or in a rush!


Like Like Kitchen






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