Kyoko’s 365 Day’s of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 88

13th June 2011

Last Saturday, I went on a long train journey to Chiba.  It was a dull and rainy day, and it took  two and a half  hours from Kanagawa to Kisarazu, Chiba!   Luckily, I had two companions, Eccomin and Kanaexpress, that the journey turned out to be a very pleasant one!


This was our destination!  Thanks to Eccomin, I got to visit this very cosy, friendly, tasty, and popular Marone zakka shop/cafe!


I left home without eating breakfast, my stomach was screaming for food when we arrived!  I ordered the biggest lunch set available on the menu!  Look at this!  A delicate,  healthy and well balanced lunch plate, I enjoyed it so much!


I sipped my ginger chai while waiting for my dessert. I also tried Eccomin’s homemade ginger ale,  what a refreshing treat!


You thought this was too much for me after my lunch plate?  Not at all!  My taste buds were delighted by the frozen pineapple yoghurt, followed by the fig and tea leaf cake, and last but not least the chocolate cake!


The zakka shelves were full of carefully selected gifts, stationary, and crafts. Works by Eccomin and Kanaexpress were also there on display.   We all found something we want to take home with. 


We had a little surprise on the way back, we got on this older style train with vintage retro interior painted in mint green!  I love this colour! 


Remember! Bright green is for Marone!





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