Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 43

4th March 2011

I did not have time to enjoy a relax cup of afternoon tea at home today.  I had to help E.L. to finish making some Kyoko-san lavender sachets for the lovely shop “nu” in Gunma again!


After I passed the sachets to Bess, we rushed to Tokyo for the fund-raising party for Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) at the Pink Cow Cafe.

サシェをベスに渡した後、急いでアニマルレフュジ関西(ARK)の資金集めパーティーが行われるPink Cow Cafeへ。

ARK is a wonderful charity helping and advocating for cats and dogs in Japan, and they are now planning to build an animal sanctuary in Sasayama, Kansai.


The fund-rainsing party was organised by a group of devoted Tokyo ARK volunteers, we just had to be there to support them!  Unfortunately, E.L. and I were in such a hurry that we have forgotten our cameras, and did not capture any of the wonderful faces, great moments, and the fabulous vegetarian buffet at the party!


E.L. and I are both supporting ARK, because we can’t find any reasons why we should ignore such a great cause!


ARK Kansai/ARK関西:


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