Kyoko’s 365 Day’s of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 91

21st June 2011

Todays treat was dim sum at Yokohama China Town.


I have been craving for Chinese dim sum for a few months.  I was inYokohama to do some errands today, that I finally got to enjoy these bite-sized portions of food served on small plates.  A bit like having tapas but Chinese style in Asian setting.


I ordered my favourite turnip cake that tasted best with chilli oil!


Followed by pork dumplings, these were a bit big and hard!


Prawns in rice flour rolls, the rice noodle sheets were a little thick!


Deep fried tofu skin rolls, which has minced shrimps inside.


Then a delicious bowl of barbecued roast pork on rice.


Still craving for some more food after all those savory dishes,  I studied the dessert menu for some sweets.



My first choice was egg tarts.  Something I always have when I have dim sum.   They are just like the ones in Hong Kong!


Finsihed off with these sticky glutinous rice balls covered in shredded coconuts.  Dim sum can be a bit oily and heavy, so a pot of hot tea would be good to aid disgestion.


横浜中華 菜香新館

Though not all the dim sum dishes were authentic like the ones I had in Hong Kong,  but I very much enjoyed my today’s treat!


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