Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 95 – Hello From Kyushu (7)

8th July 2011

Kokochi Cafe Musubino, Kannawa Onsen.

ここちカフェ むすびの

Opened in April this year, this over hundred years old former clinic has been tastefully transformed into a cafe  by its owner.   One glimpse of the exterior and I knew this was the place where I wanted to take a break!


My late lunch started off with this delicious steamed tofu.  Steamed cuisine is one of Beppu local specialities.  Beppu has numerous hot springs, and the locals making use of the natural steam to cook healthy and tasty food.


The main dish was pork steamed with tomatoes.  Followed by chicken steamed in shitake soup, and a pizza made with a wheat-flour base.  The lunch was very good but it was massive that dessert was not necessary!


The owner insisted that I should always have some sweet treats after meals, and gave me these delicious homemade cookies.


 I enjoyed them with my Japaense brown tea.


 It was very spacious inside.


  I was very pleased with myself that I found this cafe, I just loved the retro atmosphere and the owner’s great hospitality!


 Before I left I went over to the cafe shop in search for a souvenior to remind me of this lovely place.


I ended up buying some small ceramic dishes, the cafe’s original products.  The one with the cat motif was inpired by the stray cats in Kannawa Onsen.


Kokochi Cafe Musubino

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