Baby Kyoko & Virtual Visit at Bougeoir

More baby kyoko straps and ballet shoes brooches had been deliverd to Bougeoir over the summer and earlier this month.  Baby Kyoko coats come in different colours and textures.  Some have short curls, some are silky, and some even glitter!

夏から今月上旬にかけて、Baby KyokoストラップとバレエシューズブローチをBougeoirさんに納品。Baby Kyokoのコート、色や質感は様々です。ショートカールしているもの、シルキーなもの、キラキラしているもの、などなど。

 On and off I have been selling my works in Bougeoir for around two years, but I have never been to the shop.  It’s time to pay a virtual visit!


Here is the welcomg entrance.  Looks like the staff could take naps on the hammock!


Can you spot Kyoko greeting customers inside the shop?


I wonder if they serve hot chocolate to kids while their mothers shop?


What a lovely shop!  There is even an enclosed glass playroom for baby Kyokos to run free, bark loud, and no one get disturbed!

何て素敵なお店!Baby Kyokoが自由に遊べるプレイルームまである!ガラス張りになってるから、吠えても大丈夫!

Thanks to Fukazawa-san, who sent me the photos of Bougeoir.  My curiosity is now appeased!

Below are the latest blog entries about Kyoko by Fukazawa-san:




Edited: September 25th, 2012

Marone x Kyoko by E.L.

I have recently delivered some Kyokos and outfits to Marone(CLICK!).  Something I always do before I dispatch my works is to lay and arrange each article of clothings and accessories on my table.  It is a way to reward myself after days of hard work.   Somehow I find it hard to part with my works even though I know I could always make them again.


~ by E.L. ~

Edited: September 11th, 2012

Marone x Kyoko : Kyoko Strolling with her Pet Snail / カタツムリとお散歩


Kyoko likes all the yucky and slimy creatures, and she is especially fond of snails.

E.L. dislikes all things yucky and slimy, she  has been warning Kyoko not to bring the stray snails home with her.

Unfortunately for E.L., Kyoko ignores her pleas, and is rather proud of her pet snails.

Look what she has found during this year’s rainy season?





Don’t be surprised to see Kyoko strolling with her pet snail.  It’s a common scene in her neighbourhood!





Edited: July 7th, 2012

Si Ho Sup x Kyoko Vol.34 : Ballet flats (2) / バレエシューズ (2)

All I wanted to do is to show off my Kyoko ballet flats.


They come in all sorts of colours.


They go well with all sorts of outfits.


They are classic and stylish!


Suitable for all seasons.


Most importantly they are the best shoes for pregnant women (ME!) to wear all day!

Thank you for your attention!

Kyoko’s ballet flats are now available from the Kyoko-san Shop!


このバレエシューズ、Kyoko-san Shopで発売中!



Edited: June 3rd, 2012

Spring Stroll Under Cherry Blossoms / 桜満開、春の散策

My friend trusted me to look after her boy and girl twins for an afternoon.


It was a lovely spring day, the cherry blossoms were at their peak.


I decied to take the twins out for a stroll.


Spring, the best time of the year, when everything comes alive.


 Though I have sore arms from holding two giggling babies at the same time!  It was the perfect day for a stroll.


Look at this!  How I wish the cherry blossoms were always in full bloom!





Edited: April 11th, 2012