Kyoko’s 365 Days of Treat/Kyokoのおやつ日記: 92

25th June 2011

Last Saturday, my friends (E.L., Eccomin, C, K and her daughter Little N)and I had a lunch gathering at Restaurant Lupicia in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.


June 25th happened to be Eccomin’s birthday, and we had this birhtday cake as a special treat to round off our delicious and joyful lunch!


Thanks to C & K who arranged this special treat for Eccomin, I got to eat a quarter of it!  I was fascinated by the mango balls!


This tea flavored egg pudding came with our lunch set.  Frankly, I am not so keen on eating puddings but according to the others, the comments were very positive!



This was the Lupicia lunch set for kids.


It was for little N, but she did not eat her food.  What was there to distract her from eating lunch?


The Kyoko Lavender fairy sachets!






Edited: June 29th, 2011